patient at doctor, is sugar bad

Is sugar bad
for you?

The concern

Too much sugary food can mean you are eating too many kilojoules and, over time, that can lead to obesity. Being overweight or obese has been associated with many health problems.

We agree that more information may help people who are unsure about how much is too much to eat. This is particularly important for people who are at risk of serious health complications linked to obesity such as diabetes and heart disease.

For more information about how much sugar can be enjoyed in a healthy diet and how much sugar is in food, check out these resources.


Your health may suffer if you regularly consume too many calories, especially if you are not physically active.

If you frequently over-indulge, you risk gaining weight.  Being overweight can increase your chance of developing health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

What can be done to help?

Information is needed to help people who may be unsure about how much sugar is ‘too much.’ This will differ depending on whether people lead sedentary or physically active lives.

We are keen to play a role to ensure more is done to support people most at risk of serious health complications linked to diet and obesity (such as diabetes and heart disease).