is sugar a vegan food

Is sugar

Yes, sugar is vegan

Sugar in Australia is made from sugarcane plants and yes, it is vegan.

Questions about sugar have arisen because some countries, particularly where sugar is made from the sugar beet plant rather than sugarcane, may use animal-derived bone char as a refining agent.

In Australia, sugarcane ripens in the sun and, once cut or harvested, the juice in the stalks is removed using a crushing process.  At a sugar mill, the juice is heated to remove the water and the raw sugar crystals that form can then be refined.

At the sugar refinery, the crystals are melted and ultra violet light or activated charcoal is used to remove any impurities. The crystals are then washed and spun in a dryer (called a centrifuge) to remove the molasses. 

All the different colours of sugar – from white to dark muscovado sugar – contain different amounts of molasses.